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For Shopify Merchants Looking to Reduce Buyer Friction and Increase Conversions

Boost your sales with product slideshows and add-to-cart videos

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Eli Dent is President and Founder of "" Shopify store. The Sidekik is a Top-of-the-Line soccer Juggling Tool that teaches Touch Sensitivity, Composure and Timing through Gravity-Defying Feathers and an Elastic Rubber Kick-Pad.Extremely easy to use, just: DROP IT, KICK IT & FLIP IT!

In this video, Eli provides his honest feedback about the Video Add-to-Cart Shopify App and how he's using it to grow his customer base.

Dane Schemel is President and Founder of the Shopify store, "" Dane says, "Our mission is to serve tenacious outdoorsmen, leaders of the pack, and offer tools that outperform and outlast all. You’ll get more from our leather goods, you’ve got my word."

Dane has played a pivotal role in helping Vaetas to develop the Video Add-To-Cart Shopify app. It's all about converting traffic into customers and in his testimonial, Dane provides his honest opinion about the Video Add-to-Cart Shopify App.

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  • Shorten the sales cycle.
  • Maximize viewer engagement.
  • Improve your buyers’ experience.
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Animated (GIF) Slideshows

Quickly create animated product slideshows with just a few clicks. Link to product pages and distribute by email and social media. 

Powerful Features

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Add-to-Cart Videos

Accept payment with one-click checkout from anywhere your add-to-cart videos are distributed. Your store, email and social messages.

  • Import your YouTube product videos in seconds.
  • Quickly add product variants and buy button to videos.
  • Distribute animated slideshows and add-to-cart videos on your Store, by email & on social sites.  Custom email templates provided or import your own.
  • Slideshows link directly to your associated product pages.
  • Video statistics inform you of your viewers’ activity.
  • Quickly add your advertising retargeting pixels to your videos.


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Future proof your e-commerce business with Video Add-To-Cart.

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